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frequently asked questions

Q. How old do you have to be to join Pony Club?

A. Generally speaking Pony Club membership ranges from about 6 years of age to late teens. But please check with the national organisation where you live.

Q. How can I find out about a riding club near my home?

A. The best answer to is to contact the national federation or Pony Club organisation where you live. They can inform you of a suitable branch or club near you. You can also check the website of the national organisation - often they list regional or local facilities.

Q. Do I have to own my own pony to join Pony Club?

A. In many cases it isn't imperative that you own your own pony or horse. Often the local branch or riding facility can supply a suitable mount.

Q. Some of my friends and I hope to travel around Europe this summer. How can we find out about pony trekking in the different countries we will be visiting?

A. Many of the equestrian federations can provide you with information on trekking and may even be able to help you make arrangements. Check the web for contacts as well as specific information. Some federation sites even have special sections devoted to trekking and touring.

Q. How can we start a riding or pony club?

A. The best course of action is to contact the national federation offices or the Pony Club organisation where you live. They can advise you of the requirements for starting a club and offer advice on such questions as instruction, standards and safety issues.

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Updated Mar 31 2015

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