• To understand the importance of and to be working towards a secure seat independent of the reins.
  • To apply simple aids correctly.
  • To have a knowledge of the care and working of a pony.
  • To be in control of the pony on the roads, in the countryside and within an arena.


  • Turn out of pony and rider.
  • Mount and dismount correctly.
  • Alter stirrups when mounted.
  • Tighten and loosen girth when mounted.
  • Warming up exercises for pony and rider.
  • Position at the walk, trot, canter and gallop.
  • Use of legs and hands as aids to increase and decrease pace.
  • Simple turns and circles at the walk, trot and canter.
  • Aids for canter on a named leg on a circle.
  • Walk with a long rein.
  • Ride cross-country if possible but not obligatory.
  • Independent work in the open.
  • Walk and trot over small jumps.
  • Ride over small fences of different height according to the size of the pony.


  • Care and looking after a pony.
  • Elementary feeding, watering and cleanliness of the pony.
  • Names and uses of the essential grooming kit.
  • Picking up and picking out the feet.
  • Know when a pony needs shoeing and what to look for in a newly shod foot.
  • Know how to saddle and bridle (snaffle bridle only).
  • Elementary care and cleaning of saddlery.
  • Recognise when a pony is lame and the main indications of a healthy pony.
  • Elementary knowledge of the treatment for minor wounds.
  • Lead a pony in the hand walking, trotting and turning.
  • Points of the pony, colours and markings.

Organisation/ Examiners Notes

Horsemanship Session

A pony/horse in a properly managed/authorised stable.
Headcollar and rope, saddlery, bandages, grooming kit of pony or horse.
Foodstuff and forage, horse box or trailer if possible.

Remarks to the Examiner

Examiners should find out the candidate’s knowledge by gentle assistance. Examiners should assess whether the candidate would be safe and autonomous. Examiners should assess the candidate’s practical/theoretical knowledge of his mount even when a little assistance is required. NB: Both parts of this Test must be taken on one day.