Pony Camp Organisation

Preliminary Planning

Fixing a date:

Which countries have school holidays?
Is there a bank holiday during the camp?

Venue of the Euro-Pony-Camp:

Are there sufficient fixed stables available?
Are several arenas available for use (e.g. for dressage, show-jumping, x-country, games)?
Is sufficient equipment available (e.g. poles, cones, rails etc.)?
Where will the children be sleeping (Youth Hostel, tents, caravans)?
Sanitary arrangements?


Where can the catering take place?
Plan for regular meal times for the children!
Keep vegetarian food ready if necessary!
Are sufficient helpers on site?


Costs arise for:
Feed and bedding for the ponies
Accommodation and catering for the children and carers
Allowance and presents for riding instructors
Presents and mementos for the children
Frame program (e.g. hire of a bus for sightseeing)
Insurance of the event, if necessary: third party liability for the ponies
If required organise sponsorship/find a patron for the event, speak to sponsors well on time.

Content of the invitation (in two languages):

Information regarding venue and date of the camp.
Which nations are invited?
How many participants per country are permitted?
Will ponies be provided for the foreign participants?
Age of the participants?
Are carers/instructors welcome?
Forward the invitation to the delegates and Executive Board of the Euro Pony Club.
Costs per participant and carer.
State a contact person for queries.
What riding skills are required (include Euro Rider Test)
When is the principal and when is the definite entry closing date?

Public Relations:

Send information to riding magazines and daily newspapers.
Is there a possibility to combine the camp with another event?
Organise a photographer.
Provide own national federation with all information.

Detailed planning

Stabling of the ponies:

Where can the ponies be unloaded?
Where can the trailers be parked?
Are there fixed stables or transportable boxes?
Do the stables have to be left completely mucked out?
Where and when is hay, straw and feed given out or must hay, straw and feed be brought?
Who carries the cost for feed, hay and straw: rider or allotted foreign rider?
Labelling of the stables (Name of the pony, quantity of feed, contact number for emergency)
Are sufficient forks, brooms and wheelbarrows available on site? What must be brought?
Do bucks, troughs, saddle horse etc. have to be brought?
Where can the tack be kept safe and dry?
Put up a notice in the stable with the following telephone numbers: vet, farrier, doctor, list of helpers.
Put up a daily timetable.

Accommodation of the children/carer:

Allocation of the rooms.
Assignment of the supervisors.
Coordination of the meal times with the program
Plan for packed lunches for possible frame program.
Are there sufficient parking spaces?
Transfer between accommodation and stable necessary?
Are any of the costs going to arise on site? Clarify the issuing of invoice.

Riding Instruction:

Assignment of the instructors and children into groups.
Develop a detailed timetable.
Allocate mobile fences, poles etc. to the different arenas.
Give information to the instructors about the groups
Keep spare stirrups, boots etc.
Prepare nametags for children, instructors and carers (e.g. adhesive tape with marker which can be renewed easily if lost)

Letter of confirmation for the participants:

Add definite registration form.
Include the program.
Until when, in which currency and where to must the entry fee be paid.
Give detailed information concerning accommodation with address, telephone number, fax number, meeting point onsite etc.
What kind of clothes/equipment do the children have to bring (riding hat, body protector, swimming costume etc.)? Bring national flag.
Give information concerning the stabling of the ponies.
Enquire about travel arrangements (plane, train, car).
Route description.


Pick up the foreign children from the airport/train station.
Give detailed directions to own participants.

Frame Program

Plan a national specific program (sightseeing tour, visit of a racetrack etc.)
Include VIP????????s/sponsors and inform them about the aims of the Euro Pony Club (send a brochure)
Invite an international school to a meeting with the participants.
Are there any twin towns of the participants from the various nations?

Conclusion of the camp:

Organise a photographer for a group photo.
Parade, small competition (prepare text for the announcer), performance in front of invited guests.
Invite press.
All children should receive a complete address list of all participants (folder with infos, photos as memento of the camp)


Is any of the childrens birthday during the camp? Keep small surprises ready.
Keep sweets/drinks for the children in the stable area.

After the camp:

Letter of thanks to all helpers and sponsors.
Party for the helpers.
Give out rosettes, mementos