The Euro Pony Club was founded in 1989 with the aim of fostering a greater understanding of individual cultures, languages and peoples through the promotion of Youth Riding, Pony Club exchanges, equestrian sports and education.

It was formed on the initiative of the Poney Club de France and, in particular through the efforts of Ms Jacinte Giscard d’Estaing and Serge Lecomte who saw the need for an international body to promote, coordinate and help standardize the activities conducted by the various youth riding associations in operation throughout Europe. Ms. Jacinte Giscard d’Estaing served as the first President of the Euro Pony Club.

Since its inception, the Euro Pony Club has grown from five member nations to seventeen. In total those national associations affiliated within the Euro Pony Club represent a combined figure of over 700,000 youth members. When the number of volunteers, instructors, officials and parents who participate in youth riding and Pony Club activities is added to this figure, the total grows to well over one million.

In addition to this, each of the Pony Club organizations allied under the Euro Pony Club banner has ties with its respective national equestrian association. The Euro Pony Club also has the acknowledgment of the Federation Equestre Internationale (F.E.I.) which fully supports the aims and objectives of the EPC.

It must be stressed that the Euro Pony Club has no individual members, only countries. The main focus of its efforts are to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas among its member nations and to act as a meeting place where advice and solutions to common problems can be sought.

Nor is the Euro Pony Club competition oriented. Rather, its focus is on the educational, social and cultural benefits derived from equestrian activities. To this end each year member organizations run camps. These are often eagerly attended by youth from EPC member nations. A number of member organizations also provide youth exchange programs. These serve to support the aims and objectives of the EPC by fostering a greater understanding among the diverse cultures of Europe.

For more information on the aims and objectives of the Euro Pony Club please consult the Aimspage, or contact any of our delegates.